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New York Audio Video Installation

Multi Room Audio and Video solutions are fast becoming a requirement in a modern home. Control can be by Smart Phone, iPad, touch-screen or remote, playing any source in any room. If you are considering upgrading from HD (1080p) to Ultra HD 4K around the home, office or retail store, please let us know.

Multi Room Video allows you to use a single video source, such as a game console, satellite receiver, Apple TV, Blu-Ray player, for multiple televisions throughout the house. Instead of limiting the rooms you can use your Apple TV, and use it in every room with a screen. Therefore, you can significantly reduce the number of sources in your home, making it easier to hide your equipment for easy service and a sleeker finish. With a managed audio system switching between sources is simple. You can even pause, move room and continue from where you left off on any sources that has a pause feature, for a seamless experience.

Our Multi Room Audio systems distribute to every area of the home and even the garden. Speakers can be either wall or ceiling mounted, and even invisible options are available! You can play back music from many sources. Or if you would simply enjoy background, music services from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music Unlimited.

Audio Video Installation by Smart Homes in New York

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